Global electronic chemical products supplier

Corporate culture


To be a leading company in the industry of functional materials and electronic chemicals


To create value and profit, develop technology and culture , and shoulder our environmental  and social responsibility


Innovation for application, progress for integrity


The heaven reward diligent ; the earth reward humanistic; and the mankind reward sincerity.  The fittest will survive in the competition.

“Gewuzhiyong, Houdezhiyuan”--------格物致用,厚德致远

“Gewu” is an abstract from “The Great Learning” by Confucious. It means to study the phenomena of Nature and find the truth. “Zhiyong” is from “The Book of Change” by Lao-zi. It embodies the concept to transfer the achievements in the scientific research to the productive force, to provide convenience for human life, and to create social wealth.

“Houde” is extracted from “The Book of Change” by Lao-zi, which means man should pursue morality and integrity to lay a solid foundation, and “Zhiyuan” means people can go all over the world and have their foundation built to last by virtue of “Houde”. These two extracted phrases, as the foundation of establishments and theory of the business, represent the professional, creative and realistic style of CAPCHEM team, the spiritual outlook to further work and strive for excellence, and also the determination to shoulder social responsibility and pursuit of sustainable operation.