Global electronic chemical products supplier

A Speech by CEO

CEO  MR.Qin jiusan

Standing on the Threshold of a New Era


Time is perishable, but feelings remain. Standing on the threshold of the next 20 years and looking back, all stories about the dream have not gone far.

In 1996, with the dream of creating "China DuPont", several restless young people gathered in Shenzhen, a bridgehead for innovation. In this city full of innovation and opportunities, the entrepreneurship journey was started, and "Shenzhen Capchem Chemicals Co., Ltd." was born officially in Jinqiao Industrial City, Shajing Town, Baoan District. Over 20 years, from a small unimpressive workshop to the global market-oriented enterprise, from filling in the industry blank to leading the industry development, from the pursuit of Panasonic, Sony to matching Huawei, Samsung, CAPCHEM has always focused on electronic chemical products, has deeply sophisticated in functional materials market, and is committed to meeting customer demand and creating excellent value. Today, by virtue of the external assistance - capital market and the internal motivation -independent innovation, CAPCHEM has been excellent in many areas, to become a promoter of technological progress and industrial development.

CAPCHEM are grateful for everyone all the time. We are grateful to the city of innovation in Shenzhen, such as its being, openness, inclusiveness, aggressiveness and pragmaticness like fertile soil to give birth to the spirit of CAPCHEM personnel to dare to think and do; we are grateful to the great era, as the reform and opening up, private economy development and brisk capital market provide sufficient sunshine, rain and dew; we are grateful to the ever-changing industrial environment, and the continuously innovative technology, the emerging needs open up broader career prospects; we are grateful to the recognition of customers familiar with our product value, and the large number of orders, cooperation have achieved significant results; we are also very grateful to the trust from colleagues standing together regardless of situation, as they make their own great efforts to create the wonders all the way.

If each successful business has its own specific gene, then the gene to create a brilliant business is the core values of "ethical use and moral virtue", which allows the company to establish a "spirit of struggling" and consolidate the "power of concentration" to overcome the impetuous noise of the times and speeded-up temptation, learn to precipitate and know how to dormant, creating an unparalleled core competitiveness to really win customers and markets.

Today, we are on a new threshold of industry development, and we have set our dreams and goals for the next 20 years. In the future, we will meet the opportunities we never have and the challenges we have not experienced before, such as unobvious economic downturns and industry crises, decision-making errors and operating inefficiency which have never been kept far, earlier powerful rivals and late follow-ups to go hand in hand, and even the ideological rigidity to cause innovation burnout, self-defeating ambition, which may make the enterprise life at any time come to an end, so that today's glory will be rapidly obliterated in the public.

In the face of challenges, CAPCHEM can only adhere to the mission of aggressive growth, and uphold the core values of "Innovation for Application, Progress with Integrity.", to create streamlined and efficient management and operation system, improve the market network and supply chain, overcome technical bottlenecks, open cooperative research and development system, establish the value distribution system supporting entrepreneurial struggling and the internal control and restraint mechanisms based on laws and regulations, keep continuous innovation, and constantly forge ahead in order to live up to the favor by this dream land of Shenzhen and cherish the gift given by this great era.

Dream is not old, and the beginning of the heart does not change. In the future, CAPCHEM will maintain the second entrepreneurial passion and ideals, adhere to the creation of value-added and faith, constantly go beyond and realize the dreams.